Design thinking

Two-day workshop

post-itEngage in a project, not just attending classes.

Craft your team's tailored design thinking debut: Dive into practical projects, grasp work-centric benefits, foster seamless collaboration, and step into the captivating realm of design thinking wonders. Join us on this transformative journey!

How might we...

Creating an ideal learning environment for 'cross-disciplinary and interdepartmental project collaboration'?

Simulated Project Application

Embark on a two-day journey within our workshop, where you'll engage in a simulated internal innovation project. In teams of 5-6, start from scratch, gaining insights, redefining problems, brainstorming creatively, and crafting prototypes for rapid concept testing.

Confronting Authentic Challenges

Prior to the workshop, delve into a 4-6 week thematic research focusing on trends, customer segments, and relevant usage scenarios. Engage in actual interview processes with experienced interviewees to ensure participants experience real-world challenges.

On-site Coaching Guidance

Each team is paired with a coach from our pool of professionals experienced in various design thinking fields. Master the design thinking mindset, observe and discuss guidance techniques, and receive practical tips on tool application and decision-making throughout the workshop.

Common collaboration models

During the project

Embark on a 4-6 week journey of thematic research, focusing on trends, customer segments, and usage scenarios pertinent to your enterprise. Develop project themes tailored for exploration in a two-day workshop. Engage in real-world interviews with experienced professionals, practicing user insights and immersing in the design thinking process.

Suitable project scenarios

  • Designed for members with zero design thinking experience, this workshop aims to enhance their understanding.
  • Cultivate collaborative experiences across diverse disciplines or teams within your company/organization.
  • Ideal for those contributing to the establishment of a future innovation department, seeking to identify and nurture talent through participatory workshops.
  • The two-day workshop schedule

    Topic exploration

    Delve into the workshop's topics, unravel the context behind real problems, and spark participants' curiosity and imagination.
    Elevate discussions by embracing diversity and enriching perspectives.

    Inviting interviewees

    From outlining interviews to the actual interaction, empower participants to engage with users, uncover problems, and understand needs. Coaches will offer timely feedback to ensure a solid grasp of key interview points.

    Creative ideation environment

    Master the art of visualizing insights using sticky notes, and employ idea stacking and tools to generate creative solutions within a dynamic environment.

    Prototype creation

    Utilize simple materials and tools to unleash team imagination, challenging conventional notions of prototyping.
    Experience a low-cost, rapid process, emphasizing the importance of tangible representation.

    Real testing and feedback

    After completing the prototype, bring interviewees back for actual testing, providing direct feedback. Gain insights and perspectives to understand testers' thoughts, facilitating idea iteration for continuous improvement.