Empowerment Program


Creative submissions, social innovation competitions, scholarship programs

When the program aims to implement the principles of social innovation, design thinking, project-based learning, guided learning, and mentorship, we will assist in translating abstract concepts into concrete mechanisms, activities, and courses. We introduce a project-based learning process with design thinking, creating a talent development program with a distinctive brand identity.

How might we...

Ignite the spark in the eyes of the yonger generation?

Fully understand the needs of the participants

In talent programs, competitiveness can lead participants to say they're doing well, masking true needs. To address this, our on-site coaches not only guide activities but also gain insights into participants' actual situations, assisting in adjusting plans to meet their authentic needs.

To accommodate the diverse backgrounds and variations in progress among participants

Differences in progress can result in conflicting needs within the same course. To manage this, we leverage feedback from past participants and pre-event surveys to categorize diverse needs. This information guides adjustments in activity planning, groupings, and coaching strategies.

Emphasize the growth path of talent rather than just focusing on success stories

While success stories are enticing, our focus is on nurturing high-potential learners. We emphasize building a talent growth path by breaking down conditions that lead to success. Designing relevant mechanisms, tools, and stage milestones enhances learner engagement and facilitates actionable solutions beyond mere success stories.