Design Thinking

Co-Creation Project

post-itNot just talking about concepts, let's 'use' design thinking

In critical moments demanding innovation, go beyond traditional brainstorming. Adopt a systematic method for gathering insights from users. Integrate design thinking into your product or service development and transformation phases to pinpoint leverage points for innovation.

We are well-acquainted with the advantages and limitations of design thinking. Leveraging our experience in coaching over 300 social innovation projects, we can help you transform the previously unstructured processes of need assessment, problem definition, and ideation into well-defined design thinking projects lasting 3-6 months. This will set your numerous projects into motion promptly.

How might we...

Deliver more than just a report?

Actionable product / service proposals

Collaborate with a coach during our partnership to design a collaborative format, creating user segmentation, insightful user perspectives, and tested product proposals efficiently and cost-effectively. Unlike traditional consulting, we prioritize active engagement and establish an agile working culture, ensuring effective project implementation rather than just providing final reports.

Lowering the threshold for reaching users

Assisting in streamlining the user research process and administrative tasks, balancing the team members' cost of involvement and actual benefits in gaining insights from users, handling the details of defining users and the recruitment process, so that team members can focus on the 1-2 hours of reaching users.

Enhancing team collaboration

For projects with vague goals and innovation pressure but no concrete results, effective meeting facilitation is crucial. We assist in redesigning project and meeting processes, encouraging idea-sharing and empowering those hesitant to speak up. By clarifying perspectives, we uncover potential breakthroughs and offer a third possibility to overcome current challenges.

Common collaboration models

During the project

Suitable for short to medium-term projects lasting 3-6 months, characterized by a certain level of exploratory nature, and free from the time pressure of delivering tangible results within a short period (within 4 weeks).

Suitable project scenarios

  • For product or service rework. Company has needs in exploring more/precise user scenarios to boost team dynamics and stimulate inspiration for product development.
  • You possess a unique perspective on a specific product or market, with initial ideas that you aim to transform into actionable steps to validate assumptions about needs and the product's value.
  • Project checkpoints are becoming intricate, lacking a 'user perspective.' Establishing a system to gain insights from users can catalyze breakthrough progress in projects such as brand marketing, internal process transformation, business plans, and space planning, etc.