We are the Alpha Team, centered around design thinking,

empowering businesses to forge learning-centric projects that drive initiatives in a world without standard answers.

Established in 2016 as a design thinking teaching team at the Innovative Design School of National Taiwan University (NTU), Alpha Team has evolved its core philosophy beyond the classroom. Our journey spans collaborations with businesses, government entities, and startups, delving into the versatile applications of design thinking. Notably, in 2017, we partnered with the Youth Development Administration and Taipei City Urban Regeneration Office, introducing a 'user-centered' strategy for large-scale projects. Since 2019, our Co-Project initiative with corporate partners has been pivotal in addressing internal innovation challenges, fostering cross-departmental communication, and influencing project pivots through design thinking.

The core philosophy of Alpha Team is to 'Believe in the Value of People,' which means we care about creating an environment for learning and collaboration that truly allows individuals to realize their potential. We encourage action and believe in the idea that 'in a world without standard answers, it's okay to act first and then decide.' This philosophy of taking action and accumulating actions is translated into actionable methods in various contexts.

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