Spark Design Thinking for Limitless Team Innovation

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Being the Innovator in your Organization

You desire a
unique outcome

Amidst this ambition, the uncertainty of
the process plunges the team into chaos...

Over time, expectations for the outcome intensify
Attempts to 'control' stifle innovation.

With the team's momentum waning,
confrontational attitudes surge.

Despite efforts,
you find yourself back at square one,
armed only with an additional folder of meeting records.

Enter the transformation:
Turning conceptual ambition into practical implementation.
Let us guide your team through this evolution.

Reframe Thinking

Identify bottlenecks, unravel hidden assumptions,
and channel resources towards addressable issues.

Empowered Guidance

Set stage goals, and manage internal tensions
Unleash the team's creativity

Drive Action

Our professional coaches guide you in mastering design thinking
and provide tools to transform discussions into actionable plans.

In other words,Cultivate Chaos into Innovation!


Alpha Team mentors 150+ startup projects annually,
providing in-depth guidance for 10+ innovative projects to achieve successful implementation.

Let’s Start

From ideation to action,
we serve as your design thinking coach


Discovering a work mode different from the past inertia, igniting curiosity, taking action, and seeing possibilities
Two-Day Workshop 〉

Make Some

Uncover the impact of design thinking on change.
Join our team to explore and discover the answers together!
Guidance Training 〉Empowerment Program Re-designing 〉Design Thinking Co-Creation Project 〉